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Answer 1: defining social work has always been a tricky job since long times. People have faced lot of challenges and difficulties in putting up a uniform definition to the social work and segregating it from what is unneeded or nor the part of the social work procedures. These unwanted work procedures are the facts and figures which first challenge a society on a smaller scale and then as it builds up these challenges are faced up by the nation itself. These challenges are usually the combined effects of some political philosophies like the empowerment, social change, and the problem solving. I believe the challenges to the Australian context today are aged care, housing and the welfare system over there. In Australia, the public health facilities are free to all the people over there but the general practitioners ask for bulk bills through the public health system just because of the long waiting lists of the patients. It is generally accepted in Australia that there is a crises in the medical system Australia follows. Unlikely, Australian government has always been encouraging or rather implementing on people to look out for private health facilities providing them tax rebates and all kind of stuff for their own profits and growth. The factors which put an adverse effect on the Australian political landscape are the internal factors. They used to be analyzed with deep concern. The internal factors like health functionaries, welfare department for the aged people and the wellness forums in Australia are the factors which in many ways directly or indirectly is affecting Australia’s political landscape.

Answer 2: Our organization is named “Upanayan”. It is an organization which aims at providing specialized individual education plans to all the children who are suffering from speaking and learning disabilities and residing in the urban slums and their parents earning no more than two dollars a day. Our beneficiaries need to pay only 0.19 US dollars to avail our services. Our organization is an organization which aims at operating globally and has its parent foundation in the Lucknow city of India. Being an organization which has high aims, we define our tasks and long goals in short term realistic and achievable goals and we follow the grand theory of “Taxonomy of social work”. We in our work cycles perform many psycho-social case works; do several well enhanced relationship based practices. We, in order to harness the goals of our organization interact and work directly with children and families in order to have a better intervention during the crises. We have 5 initiatives viz. Pehal, Shiksha, Mumkin, Vidhya, and Lakshmi. Each initiative aims at its well defined goal like Pehal aims at family counselling, Shiksha provides you with a uniform education plan for all, Mumkin serves all special children with IEP (Individual Education Plan) while Vidhya and Lakshmi aims at collaborating with think tanks and the corporate world respectively. This step of ours surely is having a great impact on the society as having a well-designed and researched system of education in 0.19 US dollars per day is no cost.

Answer 3: Psychodynamic concepts (like repression, parent-child relations, our unconscious, resistance, internal conflict, internal working models, regression, self-awareness, etc.) help in doing social worker’s assessments and plan interventions with clients in the following ways-

It helps in bringing a focus on the client which directly or indirectly helps in connecting to the client and motivates them to bring about a change in their life.

This motivates the client to follow a well-defined goal and engaging herself/himself in problem solving and skill training activities. It covers a wide range of activities which enhance the working capability of the client and make him work even more efficiently, it empowers them and more important it brings about a change in them. It brings about knowledge and a sense of empowerment which in many ways enlightens the clients to be more self-reliant and initiates the sparkle of self-awareness in them.

One of the most important and the positive impacts that these make on the client are it provides them with an insight to get themselves engaged in activities or projects which initiate a social change and the aims at the welfare of the community and the society they are inhabitants of.

In my personal experience, I would like to shed light on the changes that I personally have been through. I have seen people who use to send their 6 year old children to teas stalls to earn few pennies for the day. But with the coming of our organization “Upanayan”, they are now the ones who bring their child to their community centers just in order to inculcate in them the virtues of education and now they see their children as next super stars who are not illiterate any more, will never work on wages to survive, will not take their children to work along with them. Rather, they see a well-defined human being in them who have some responsibilities towards the society he is a part of.