Are Children More Socialized Because Of The Internet?











Are Children More Socialized Because Of The Internet?

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Nowadays, most of kids aged 2-3 years have familiarized themselves with internet, and playing cell phone and video games. Technology has advanced, and children have acquired lot of knowledge. For instant, my little angel Cindy aged 3years old can operate my phone, and moreover plays play station 3. She takes my phone without my realization and gets to Whatsapp and watches educative videos, and then narrates to me what she has seen with a lot of excitement. Due to watching these videos, her thinking capacity has improved, hence improving her way of talking compared with other kids who have not familiarized themselves with the technology (Mason, 2012). Kids are good in learning new things no matter how small they may appear. It’s therefore a good trend for kids to be more educated through the internet. In other words, this paper holds that children are indeed more socialized through their interaction with the internet. In taking this position, it is worth noting that there are people who hold different opinion; the internet is actually harmful and does not in any way help children in becoming more socialized.

In real sense 80% of teenagers aged 12-17 years are in social media. This is proven by a research done on 2005 by Pew Research Center. This actually represents an increase of 20% over the past 5years down the line. To this end, parents, guardians and policymakers are worried about the effects of getting to the world of information and misinformation has on the kids. Psychologists are about to answer that question (Mason, 2012). Hereby Linda Jackson a psychologist has led a study in Michigan State University which stated that; home internet has a high standard of test scores. Other researchers have stated that, having internet at home has enabled kids to be more independent in learning.

In fact, internet has benefited today’s kids especially those who do not easily catch up with classroom teachings. In other words, it doesn’t just bring to satisfaction of their need to know more about life, but also improves kids’ way of living in an enjoyable way. Thus with technology a kid may gain knowledge at the age of 2-3years of internet study and socializing of which he or she would have spent more than 7-8years of attending sessions in the class so as to acquire this knowledge. Internet is available anytime and in a wide range of areas, and less time consuming. All of the information is available in an easier and in a simple language for one to understand hereby, it brings  satisfaction to the kid’s yearning for knowledge and understanding his world in a wide range, often without any assistant from a teacher.however,its an independent teaching technique which can successfully supplemement sessions experiences.

According to researchers, children who have familiarized themselves with internet, work smarter and make new friends faster compared to those who don’t know how to operate a phone, computer and other electronic devices. However, if this aspect of knowing each other over the internet is taking miles away, it could have detrimental results as outlined below.

Recently the issue of knowing each other in the internet has turned to crime and immoral activities; e.g sexual abuse, pornography, cyber crime and sexual exploitation over the internet. Many sex culprits use the technology as a snare for the victims who are unacquainted and have feeling to socialize with strangers (Howard,  Agarwal, & Hussain, 2011). Teenagers are often victimized when socializing with these potential offenders, and are put off after helping themselves out.

The opponents of this positions when asked the questions, “Can kids really learn more according to how they use the internet through being socialized? Their outright answer is, no.

Most of the kids are addicted to computers, phones and other electronic devices compared to playing on the ground and meeting people (Jurgenson, 2012). Everything that kids are doing these days is attached to their phones and laptops. Chatting with friends in social media and meeting with new friends has given them the first priority than anything else until one have to raise voice on them. When kids are strolling along the streets with each other, you may see them chatting through the phone via sms or even Whatsapp; instead of talking to each other. This has made phones and laptops to be given the first priority than friends who can help them when in need.

In conclusion, despite the criminal activities carried out over the internet and other negative effects of internet; on the hand it has its benefits and shapes up the kid’s behavior, relating to their environment and their fellow kids .through internet their IQ expands in a wide range now and then. More comparably with the television series, internet acts as a role model to the kids in areas of maintaining peace and harmony amongst them, hence abstaining from quarrels, sex and other awkward behaviors in kids. It brings about oneness, generosity and good communication skills among them in different race of the kids.










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